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button in environment to control RME FF 800

Roger Paolo

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Hey there,


I am figuring out if I can control the Phantom Power of my RME FF 800 from the environment in Logic. The RME manual says that phantom power can be switched on and off when midi controlled by a Mackie Control (or the MC protocol). The buttons F9 - F12 switch the phantom power of the mic inputs 7 - 10 on and off.

The message these buttons send are D4, D#4, E4 and F4 on Midi channel 1.

Would it be possible to create knobs in the environment that send these note messages to the RME? I have tried a bit but no luck so far. The knob is sending the note message to the monitor that I connected to it, but how would I connect it's output to the RME?

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