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External Midi failure using Nordlead A1


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Hello everyone,


I think I am the end of the road on this one so if anyone can give a bit of help... My Nordlead A1 is midi connected to my Logic Pro X. I have only 4 slots on the A1 so I can play back only four external midi channels simultaneously. I set them up as external instruments in Logic but on every recorded channel I have a sum of the other three( and their midi recording) Of course every midi channel is assigned to one slot of the keyboard. In the keyboard the slots are assigned to a distinct midi channel as well. Slot A to 1, Slot B to 2 and so on...But every time I create external midi channels when playing back any of the four channels in solo I hear a sum of all four. On my keyboard Global Channel is set to 4, local control is off. Does anyone have any idea on how i can separate these channels? I hope I made some sense :)

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