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Preliminary MIDI question


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Im comparing Logic to Digital Performer and was wondering how the MIDI routing capabilities are?


I'd like for instance to record 16 MIDI IN channels at once in real time - and possibly patch them through to MIDI OUT at the same time - maybe even re-channelizing. How easy is this?'


Since GarageBand (Logic Lite) is very limited and so simplified it's obtuse - is it easier to view and change complex MIDI routings in Logic?


There's no Logic Demo and I wold hate to buy it find out it can't do some things I need....

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I'd venture that is possible, at least via the Environment...


Auto demix by channel if multitrack recording” checkbox: This setting allows you to switch between layer recording (unselected) and multiplayer recording (selected), when recording to multiple software instrument tracks.
When layer recording: Incoming MIDI events are sent to all record-enabled MIDI tracks. A MIDI region is recorded to the selected track. Aliases of the MIDI region on the selected track are recorded to the other record-enabled tracks. Any subsequent edits to the “parent” MIDI region will affect all aliases, ensuring that all layered tracks remain identical.
When multiplayer recording: Incoming MIDI events are distributed to the various record-enabled tracks, in accordance with transmitted MIDI channel numbers. The channel of the incoming event must correspond to the channel of a record-enabled track for this to work. If no track with a corresponding channel number is found, the event will be routed, and recorded, to the selected track. You should ensure that each of your MIDI controllers transmit on different channels. If this is not possible, simply use different inputs on your MIDI interface and change the MIDI channel of each input, using a transformer object between the Physical Input and Sequencer Input objects.


Logic Pro is capable of channelizing MIDI data (routing it to MIDI channels 1 to 16) and sending the channelized data to specific MIDI Out ports.

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