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Logic Pro quits while saving, using EWQL plug in


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I am using the EWQL Play plugin in LOGIC Pro X. Only 3 patches loaded at the moment.


Was able to save no problem for a while, but now every time I try to save the project Logic crashes!


This message appears: "Logic Pro X quit unexpectedly while using the Play plug-in."


Any ideas?? Any help would be hugely appreciated!!! Thanks in advance!

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Which version of Logic Pro X are you using? What are your system specs?

:idea: Posting your system's specs in your signature, as stipulated in the Board Rule #5, could help us help you...


Are you running the latest versions?

Maybe you are exceeding your system capacity?

Do you have a crash log to submit?

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OK here are the specs (though have now added to my signature - thank for the recommendation)


Logic Pro X version 10.1.1

iMac - 27" intel core i7, `16GB, speed 3.4 GHZ

Also have Glyph external hard drive, 1TB mostly full -- maybe this is the problem?

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Is it possible that the 'Save As' problem is with the latest version/update of Logic Pro X?


Logic Pro X only started crashing after I got the latest update this week. Prior to that I was able to 'Save' and 'Save As' to both computer hard drive and external hard drive no problem...


Thanks in advance!

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