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Innovation and useful workflow enhancements are a fundamental part of Logic Pro X without losing simplicity!


Why Inline Editor?:

- it allows to see and edit midi notes/data in the same view as audio

- it allows to be visually in sync with all data and other midi tracks in the Main View

- it makes it easier to create multipart harmonies when "Inline Editor" is 
open for multiple tracks

- it can make workflows for editing super fast instead of navigating 
between different windows although we are talking - about enhancement 
not a replacement for the Piano Roll!

- if multiple "Inline Editors" are open editing midi feels similar to editing on 
staves in the score page view

- scale/zoom an "Inline Editor" track like audio/instrument tracks in the Main View

- scroll in the "Inline Editor" like in the Piano Roll







Design thoughts:

- the "Inline Editor" could be Track or Region based (design decision)

- for ease of use and simplicity I would go for a Track based "Inline Editor" only

- that way it keeps consistent with the regular Piano Roll view


New Key Commands that should be considered:


"Open/Close Inline Editor for Selected Tracks" (Toggle)

"Open/Close Inline Editor for all Tracks" (Toggle)

"Open Inline Editor for Selected Tracks and Hide other Tracks"

"Close Inline Editor for Selected Tracks and Show other Tracks"

"Close Inline Editor for all Tracks"

Midi Draw/Automation

- Automation data is superimposed when switching to Automation View

like it always does no matter if it is Region or Track based

- Editing automation superimposed over notes feels more musical and intuitive

- only the Main View allows to see multiple CC automation lanes at once per track, which can be crucial for editing





Track Header:

- offer a button for mouse input on the Track Header




Double Click behavior:

- set the double clicking behavior in the Logic preferences

- if set to "Inline Editor" a double click onto the regions will open the "Inline Editor" in the Main View

- to close the "Inline Editor" double click the region header of one or multiple Regions




- or use the Key Command "Open/Close Inline Editor for Selected Tracks" (Toggle)

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  • 10 months later...

I find the new Flex Pitch view in the Tracks view comes really close to what I had in mind for the InLine Editor for MIDI/Instrument Regions.




A button in the track header like on Flex enabled tracks would help to indicate that the Inline Editor is active



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  • 2 years later...

Fwiw, have you folks been trying out Tracktion? It has inline piano roll editing. I have been fooling around with it when it was comparatibly new a couple of years back. Been quite excited when they announced it - but for me, it never clicked in actual use. Either the piano roll was too tiny or the rest was so large it was barely making any sense anymore.


And fwiw #2: Instead of "true" inline editing, I think it might be perfectly sufficient if the editors (piano, step and score) had an additional "position link" mode on offer, so zoom factor and playhead position would be linked with the main window. For me, that'd probably be the best of both worlds, especially if you could quickly switch to that linked mode and back (with individually saved zoom settings).

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I like how the link of piano roll and tracks view works in both Studio One and Cubase.


Oh, they have that by now? Well, it's a while since I've been on the "let me check any sequencer there is" fence... maybe I should finally at least update my Cubase license (it's at 5 or 6, I don't even know, dongle serves as a drawer stop or so).

Fwiw, when you think about it, for a programmer it should be pretty much a piece of cake to such a position/zoom-factor link to whatever sequencer. I mean, there's context and a sort of position linking already, so...

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