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Vintage B3 Rotor Behavior


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Hi All: 


Having very weird but consistent problems with the rotor on the  VB3 here. 


When using my saved default patch, I have the "Rotation" switch set to "Slow", and the "Speed MIDI Control" set to "SusPdl Temp"; I want the rotor's default state to be Slow, and for them to speed up only as long as I'm holding the sustain pedal down. 


While playing, however, the expected behavior of the sustain pedal is reversed: when the pedal is up, the rotor is spinning fast; when the pedal is down, the rotor spins slowly. Maddening. 


I find that this happens inconsistently - it's a problem in some .LSOs, but not in others. 


Any thoughts? Thanks!  

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