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"New" Time and Pitch Machine Algorithm


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Time Stretching And Pitch Shifting


most of the popular daws use ZPlane Elastique Pro V3.1.3 T/S Algorithm. Also, Motu Digital Performer use Zynaptiq High Q. ZTX Pro.

I would like the new (Zplane Elastique Pro v3 or Zynaptiq ZTX Pro ) Algorithm For Logic Pro,

If I had an option, I choose Zynaptiq ZTX Pro. because ZTX Pro an incredibly good quality Algorithm.


I think this is necessary for logic

Please Keep.

thank you






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yes i use everyday but Currently all daws are using the Zplane Elastique V3 why is not using logic ? why ask this question because, logic 9 was using izotope RADIUS, only the radius price was 400 $ after the isotope rx version was released and integrates radius tı RX. therefore urgently need an algorithm Zplane or ZTE Pro Zynaptiq.
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I was reminded of this the other day when I had to timestretch a bunch of vocal tracks in Studio One rather than Logic so I could use the zplane Elastique Solo algorithm. For vocals, the competitors’ algorithms are much better than any of the Flex Pitch or Flex Time options. 

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