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Logic Pro X Icons for color-coding organization

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Here are a bunch of icons I made for use in Logic Pro X to help organize, based on the colors available by the software.


I have hollowed circles of all the LPX color shades, as well as circles filled with each color's shade. (How I use this is I will choose, for instance, a bright yellow for lead vocal. If I have lead backing vocals I choose darker shades of the same color and then if I send all these vocals to a bus I will choose the filled circle of that shade for that.)


Also included are Hexagons of the many colors, both hollowed and full. (I use these for tonal instruments in relationship with their buses, as above.)


Also included are dots of more limited colors. (I use these for drums and percussion.)


Finally, I have created color-coded plugin icons, based on the one plugin icon existing in only one color of LPX.




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