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Strength Quantize in MIDI editor stopped working.


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Hi all. I just bought Logic Pro X about a week ago. Before that i’ve used Garageband (mainly for the purpose of making MIDI drum tracks) so I am already reasonably familiar with the software. For the past week or so i’ve been laying out some drum tracks on Logic to record over, and just encountered my first problem today.


Suddenly, the “strength” quantize function on the MIDI editor no longer works. If I atry to change the strength of an individual notes (say from 80 to 60), it appears to change value to 60 on all of the notes (as in, if I click on another note, it shows 60 as the value). However, the actual volume/strength of the notes is not actually affected. Even if I adjust it all the way to 0, it is still just as loud. So obviously, the “strength” quantize function is not working at all.


This is new, as when I was doing it a few days ago, it was working just fine. I also know that it isn’t specific to the project, because I opened another project and still had the same problem.


Does anyone have any ideas of what to do about this? I will try Apple support if I have to, but i’m Not very confident that they’d be able to help with such an obscure issue. But if this is a bug of some kind, it is completely unacceptable. Making drum tracks is one of the main things I will be doing on Logic, and if I can’t adjust the velocity of individual notes, it is useless to me. Besides, if such a basic function doesn’t work, how can I trust that the program will behave properly when I get to tracking and mixing?


Thanks in advance for your help. This is very frustrating to me. I’m starting to feel like I wasted $200.


And I apologize if there are randomly capitalized or misspelled words. I’m typing this on my phone and can’t see the whole dialogue box at once.

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That is a rather lengthy post considering it was typed from a phone!


You are referring to various things that are not related.

Quantize: usually refers to positioning the selected notes/events according to a division, a groove or reference track onto the timeline.

Velocity: refers to the imbedded strength value the note was strucked/played/recorded. Not all instruments are velocity-sensitive and those which are, will not all be programmed to react with loudness variation. Some other feature (sound parameter) could be programmed into a patch to respond to velocity.

OTOH, quantization and velocity are parameters that could be edited/affected from various places (the MIDI editors such as the Piano Roll and the Step Editor, but also from the MIDI region parameters).

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I'm now having this same problem... Did you ever find the solution? I've been using logic for years with no midi issues like this, and the same thing as you described suddenly started happening (or stopped happening). In addition the OP's original problem, my notes will not play when I click on them; I have to actually play the track after adding them in, which is also a new, sudden problem that I'd like to fix.

Any help would be appreciated! XD

EDIT: Nope, I'm an idiot. It's all fine, I was changing "strength" instead of "velocity," which I guess seems to have changed it's place since the last time I worked with midi... BUT it is still odd that clicking on the note does not play it (nor does it play when I first add it in, or when I click on the piano roll), so if anyone knows of a setting (or some other issue) that might have caused that, please let me know!


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I'm an idiot.
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