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Keyswitching between chords.

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Hi everyone, a friend showed me a very nifty feature in cubase which I don't remember what they call which basically lets you switch between different chords (that are user definable).

So you can map out a bunch of chords to your lower octave let's say, and then you switch between them with a single keypress and arpeggiate or play however you want the notes from that chord across all the remaining octaves..

I've managed to create a patch that does this in ableton using scale plugins grouped in a multi intrument but is a little convoluted and there's still an issue I'd like to solve.

Let's say you've mapped a Cmaj7 across the keyboard so the only playable notes are C E G and B and all the other notes just play the nearest C E G or B; if you alternate between a C and a C# you're going to get just a repeating C note which in most cases wasn't the intention, you most probably in that case wanted to arpeggiate between a C and an E or a B and a C.

So ideally it should be a dynamic system where the pressing of different keys never results in the attempt to reproduce the same note by the computer.

Does anybody know if there's something that does this already ? Or how to go about it in the scripter ?

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The remapping part is rather straight forward.

The difficulty would be to meet your last paragraph in a way that will satisfy your goal, as it somehow imply being able to guess your intended played note...


We would need a bunch of conditions.. like


1. If a note is playing (either note off hasn't happened yet, or sustain pedal is still letting it play), then it can only be retriggered by the same key that triggered it. (note 2 gets sent to nearest available free note)

(would solve the problem for legato and for chords stabs)

2. if 2 or more notes are played in a rapid succession they cannot trigger the same note. (would solve the problem for staccato)


In theory is not that complicated, but I'm sure programming it might be a bit more laborious XD

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