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Latency - is it MIDI or Audio?


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Hi guys,


I'm new here but have latency head scratching issues going on!


Heres what's going on -


I'm recording my Korg Mono/Poly straight into Logic X 10.5 via the Saffire 6USB on a new project with no plugins running.


I have a tubbutec Modypoly installed and using Logic to trigger the MIDI (and also playing the MIDI in has the same latency effect)


I have 'pinged' my interface for latency and returns a +151 samples discrepancy so have offset the recording delay compensation by -151 samples.


The problem arises that I still have latency with recording the Mono/Poly even though the MIDI is recording fine.


Even more frustratingly, if I try to offset the 'All MIDI output' delay manually I get inconsistent results so can't nail a tight result.


I've attached a screen grab to illustrate the inconsistency of -13ms Midi delay.


Any advice on tips with this relatively simple workflow problem would be greatly appreciated!


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