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Using an external MIDI controller to select tracks


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Hi there - I have a BOSS foot pedal that sends out program changes. I would like to use these to select tracks. I know could assign the MIDI data to Key commands, but 'Select Next' and 'Select Previous' won't work for me due to the way the BOSS pedal works. What I am after is something like:

Program Change 52 selects Track 1

Program Change 53 selects Track 2


This link looks very much like a solution: viewtopic.php?t=111642

Problem (for me anyway) is it assumes a lot of prior knowledge so it would be great to get a bit more step by step on this if at all possible!


Many thanks in advance :)

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You’re on the right track by making a custom midi controller but this not an area that many people including myself have much experience with. There is also a lua based file you might have to edit.


Another approach you might consider if you don’t figure that out is to use osculator. The osculator forum has a freely available custom midi controller config thst responds to OSC commands and handles all the typical things. So I’m pretty sure you could write an osculator script that responds toe midi pc, sends OSC to logicpro for changing tracks

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Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure what lua is, and although osculator might be a solution I was hoping to do this inside Logic. The linked thread viewtopic.php?t=111642 definitely shows this is possible using the Controller Assignments window. I guess I just need help setting up the mapping of a programme change to selecting a track!
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