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Logic's Drummer sound change?


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Morning from London


So, I use an Ampeg plug in for bass, with a UA compressor= all good, I have a Shure SM57 and Sennheiser 421 on the guitar cab (covered with a duvet cover) = all good.


Unfortunately I cant have a real drum kit where I am, in a central London flat, so I am using Logic's Drummer to trigger EZ Drummer, when I listen to the EZ drummer drum kit or Logic's Drummer by itself it seems to sound fine, but when I mix it with the track the drums don't have enough weight/punch like real drums, how can I go about fixing this? is it best to do a multi track of the drums without any of the processing and start adding my own?


Any thoughts welcome!

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Unlike Toontrack's Superior Drummer, EZDrummer's kits are intended to have a "produced" sound out of the gate. It doesn't mean you can't add your own additional processing, of course. Also note that each EZDrummer kit has a number of pre-programmed mix sound options. These can be accessed via EZDrummer's mixer.



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