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Keeps crashing have to do new install of logic every 2. day


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I have a MackBook Pro Retina mid 2012 2,3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Core i7 16 GB RAM macOS Catalina Version 10.15.6.

My Logic Version is 10.5.1. I don't use any third party plugins.

i don't know what causes the f***ups, I just work on a project and then suddenly the trouble starts. When it starts it shows visually at first by slightly and shortly moving the tracks to the right and back. Then shortly after that it crashes.

I have tried all the steps proposed by Apple:

1. A new start of the computer

2.i have updated logic

3. I have updated my interface Babyface Pro.

4. I have used the onboard sound card

5. I have not tried to open logic without any audio in or out

6. i don't use third party plugins

7. I have not created a new account

8. I have reset the preferences sometimes that did the trick for a day or so

9. I have deleted the files com.apple.logic10.plist and com.apple.logic.pro from ~/Library/Preferences that, too sometimes helped

10. I have deleted logic and done a new installation from the App Store

I Have also contacted Apple Support. they went thru the whole routine listed above. I called again after the problem reoccured, they told me to go back to an earlier version of the system via time machine which I did.


So probably you will say I should try nr. 7 the next time it crashes and I will.

I´ll keep you updated.

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