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Patches & CC saves


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Hi Forum,


I'm updating my custom library patches (".patch" files) and found some instruments (orchestral sections especially) that sound only once CC1 or 11 is triggered.


Is there a way to save default CC values into the patch files? I can't see how that would work, but then, my understanding of Logic has always been more pragmatic than exhaustive…


Thanks for the feedback,



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Make sure that the virtual instrument preset is saved as such that it uses by default the (CC1 / 11). And then save the patch using that new virtual instrument AUpreset.

If you are dealing with 3rd party virtual instrument plugin, it could be necessary to first save in the same way (using by default CC1/11) as proprietary preset.

Then again as a Logic plugin VI AUpreset and finally using that AUpreset when saving the desired patch.

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