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Bizarre! >Playing keyboard sends key commands<


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Never seen this happen before...

Playing certain keys on my midi keyboard is sending random key commands to Logic including transport commands (stop, play, record, etc.). I've never setup up any such key commands.


I open LPX key commands windows to find:

a) 4 Mackie Controls (that I never setup) and,

b) control commands setup/assigned from another midi controller that is turned off


I also have 2 Behringer X-Touch units which are also turned off and I have never setup them up to function in such a way.

What's going on? How can I stop this bizzare behavior:?: :?:

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That happen sometimes when Logic receives MIDI glitches, as it interprets same as MIDI Controller installation triggers.

Those MIDI glitches could come from attached devices, faulty cables, or other software hiccups (drivers, plugin, concurrent running software, services, etc...)

Some might suggest to delete the logic controller pref file (com.apple.logic.pro.cs file) stored in the ~/Library/Preferences/..., which could be advisable if the problem emanate from that file being corrupted.

Personally, I would try deleting those intruders from the Controller Setup window, and also pay a visit in the Contorller Assignments window to delete their associated assignments that might still be lurking in there.

If the problem comes back regularly, more indepth troubleshooting should be at the agenda.

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Thanks guys for all the tips.

While I was waiting to receive advise from you guys I continued troubleshooting on my own and discovered the problem was indeed related to the CS preferences. Once I deleted that file and reboot Logic the odd behavior disappeared.


Thanks as always for the help it appears that the problem was precisely as you guys were suggesting.

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