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Any Info On Interfaces With Audio Device Control Support?


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I started a new topic rather than reopen this one as a zombie. I'm just curious about this feature.


I'm shopping for a new interface and one of the candidates is Audient's EVO 4. It makes limited use of Audio Device Controls (preamp gains). I came across this by accident while watching a video review when I spotted the gain control in a Logic strip. In their marketing info Audient simply makes the vague statement "Set levels and activate features from your computer with compatible software". I contacted support about what software was "compatible" and they mentioned Logic but gave no specifics. There is nothing in the manual and no other reviews mention it.


I know that Apogee makes good use of this feature, offering control of phantom, HPF, polarity reverse, direct monitor, gain, etc. with some of their interfaces. However, googling turns up literally zero information on any other interfaces that support this feature.


Is anybody here aware of any other interfaces that make use of Audio Device Controls? I thought Apple might have a list available but I can't find one.

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