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Upgrade to 2020 MBP 13" Quad Core i5 256GB SSD

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I don't know about any MacBook Pro 13" equipped with 256GB of RAM...

The 256GB refers most likely to the internal hard disk capacity. In such case, a 256GB HD (even in SSD) will not serves you for a long time. You will soon reach its useful function capacity, which usually equate 80-90% from which you also subtract the OS and system footprint size. In short you are left with 200GB. You will have to resort to external drives.

i5 as processor isn't either too appealing, especially in the long term, I think.

If you intend to use it only with Logic and has no plan for big projects, that could do the job but you should expect to be constantly in resource management mode, which would eventually hinder your creativity...

My 2 cents...

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I can get one. So, I'd have on for large instruments/samples (Keyscape, etc...) and

then one to save my sessions. I was just thinking of getting a new one because the

used ones I'm looking at (2015 MBP's) are from like $800 to $1200. If I'm gonna be in that

range then why not just get a new one. Know what I mean? I appreciate your insight on this:)

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