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Volume spikes - Logic and Various Instruments


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I have logic 10.4.8 and I use various instruments to produce my tracks.

Kontakt, Spectrasonics, East West so and so forth.


I have experienced a volume spike when I just play a basic steinway piano in logic and the volume will automatically decrease. Then sometimes when I use a string instrument in kontakt, the volume will drastically decrease. There are times when I use KEYSCAPE and the volume just Spikes up all the way.


i want to know if anyone else is experiencing this problem. Is it a hardware issue (like my midi controllers, i have 2) or some bad cabling ? or is it a software issue ??

i cannot seam to pin point this thing. I do a lot of composition for TV and film and this is annoyingly derailing my work.


Any help would be appreciated.





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I'd start troubleshooting the project/template for any lurking automation.

Since you are using 2 MIDI controllers, chances are also that they are interacting with one another.

If possible, try Disabling All MIDI Controllers to see if that helps. If so, pay a visit in the Controller Setup window to look for undue installations. Smart Control prefs might worth visiting as well...

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