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Combining two messages in Environment?

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I am struggling to execute a workflow, maybe there is something I do not get but here it is:


Sometimes UI in various 3rd party plugins is just not made for mouse clicks but I have not figured out how to map parameters to knob on midi controller.


What I want to achieve is to click on a knob/fader and then set it by moving midi controller - I though that "Automation Quick Access" would sort that but I just could not make it do what I want it to do and it was just inconsistent (also I do not want automation for the knob most of the time...).


Next what I tried is to map a "increase/decrase last touched paramenter by 1" key command to a knob that sends relative control change (65/63 for one step up/down) but Logic just does not recognise half of the faders/knobs I touch....


then, I found out that Chanel spits Fader values on its output in to the Environment and I can easily send Fader values back to control whatever I want in the plugins...


I though maybe I can touch a fader in the plugin get that value and use it to transform incoming CCs...

I am looking for a object that will take one value from one input and combines it with values coming from another input - maybe fader sending meta to transformer??

btw fader values ore often >128...


Anybody has a experience with something like this?


Bonus points if we can make it increase/decrease the parameter instead of jumping to the current knob value...



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I do not think that would work... for example I want to "dial-in" a sequencer pattern here...

The way I want to go about it is to click fader - change the value go to completely another fader change it a little bit etc..

but I want to do this on all plugins with just one knob on my midi controller. I do not think smart controls can help here? or?


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  • Solution

There's a way to do it, albeit with three conceptual drawbacks.


1. To announce the plugin parameter you want to control, you would need to cable that plugin's channel strip to the Environment patch

2. There's no point in doing relative parameter control (inc/dec plugin parameter value) with an absolute device (hardware fader), because there's nothing you can do if you want to decrease the parameter and the fader is down already.

3. Sometimes parameters aren't communicated properly from the plugin to the host, or coded differently if there's more than 127. This is much more complicated to solve.


Anyway, check out this patch:



Clicking a plugin parameter copies that parameter's channel



and number



to two Transformers, one changes the channel



and one changes the number



of an incoming controller which in turn then controls the last clicked parameter of the plugin.

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Nice, not sure If I will be able to replicate it but I will try!!!


Just a note to point 2: I have endless rotary that can also send

"Enc 3FH/41H

The encoder sends relative Control Change messages, a value of 65 is sent for each clock wise step, and a value of 63 is sent for each anti-clockwise step.



Now, as we can read the current value of a fader we can have two transformers and one will do +1 and another -1 to the current value of fader?


I will try to crack it later today! thanks!


btw some faders are over 128 ("name" not value) what would be the approach there? can Scripter work with Fader messages?

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I have endless rotary

There's meta event 99 for inc and dec:


99 127 increment-without-rollover

99 125 decrement-without-rollover

99 123 increment-with-rollover

99 121 decrement-with-rollover


For this we'd have to modify the patch to incorporate a Fader that gets set silently when a parameter is clicked, which then can be inc-ed and dec-ed. Yes, doable. Whether it's practical to cover a range of 16384 steps (the range of a two byte control, for example Pitch Bend) with a 1-click encoder knob remains to be seen...


some faders are over 128 ("name" not value)

I'd have to find a way later on.


can Scripter work with Fader messages?


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Scripter can’t work with fader and meta messages like the environment but it can access automatable plugin parameters. Not sure if that is of any use here perhaps in combination with environment stuff. It’s not limited to 127 discrete values either and can also be linked up with smart controls since the script itself can create a smart control.
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Is there a way to store and replay event?

my latest idea is not to touch the Fader data but just fix the .value by normal cc from midi knob and then resend the fader message through that... Tried to setup delay line and hoped that it will spit the last message with bang fader but no luck :-(

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