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Script to keep Track sustained


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I'm new to scripting in javascript and I would appreciate it if someone can help me out.

Is there a way where I can play live on one track and keep the last note sustained while I switch to another Instrument Track and play over the sustained note (like a drone)?


I already posted a thread in the main Logic forum and David helped me setting up a solution in the MIDI environment. But it has its limitations and he suggested that I should try and ask here for any support.


With the MIDI environment method, we used a Cable Switch to cut communication with the Sequencer Input so that the Input from the Physical input can sustain. Then going to another Track and switching the Cable Switch back to connect to the Sequencer Input and that way I can play with different Instruments over the drone.


The problem that I had with this method was that I had to play the exact same notes on the sustained track to stop the sustain.


Here some additional information:

- I'm using the BBCSO Core 2 Template and the Traveler Console from Monogramm.

- we used CC35; on Value 127, off Value 0 for the Toggle.

- use the Sustain Pedal on the Sustained Track to end the Notes (just my current idea on how to get out of the sustained mode / using the same CC35 would also work for me)


Maybe there is a more elegant way with the scripter that tackles this problem?

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Okay, but that shouldn't be the problem. I am assuming you only need to address the sustained track.

I have found a script on google that does similar things but it is more related to legato and is still not what I am looking for.


I'll try to explain it again but as simple as I can:


- A script on the Track I want to sustain


- I play a few notes and activate a switch (preferably a CC Toggle)


- The note is being held and I can freely move around in Logic and select other Tracks.


- After I am finished, I want the notes to end and I would like to use the same CC Toggle

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hi danharrisonfx

could you help me with that? i want to keep some strings sustained while playing a piano.

i don't know the FIRST thing about scripts...

could you help me out? :)

Try this:


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Alright, I figured it out.. It's been a factory script that comes with Logic.

I used the MIDI to Plugin Parameters Script. Changed the Input to CC35 and the Target to CC65 Sustain.


That was exactly what I was looking for.

For clarity sake, the MIDI CC# for sustain is 64 (not 65)...

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