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writing canon.


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Writing canon.

I have little experience of Logic and I am not a musician, but I would like to write canon. I am unable to find the tool which I need to progress. Perhaps somebody will be able to point me in the right direction. What I need is the ability to copy musical phrases into several identical clones such that modifying one clone will modify all clones in the same way. I do not know whether this feature is available in Logic or in other composition software. It is central to the visual software that I use.. Sketchup and After Effects, where the clones are called “components”. In Sketchup, for example the individual occurrences of clones can be modified in some respects, (stretched, scaled up or down, laterally inverted..) while modification of its fundamental structure will impact upon all occurrences of the component. Such a tool is exactly what I need in Logic to tinker with a canon by tweaking a note or two without having to worry about tracking down all the other identical phrases where the notes should also be modified. Laterally inverting would also be a useful, one click way of running a melody backwards, or upside down. In Sketchup the dependence of components can be broken by selecting a group of them and right clicking to “make unique”.. This makes them independent of the original component, but they continue to be dependent between themselves, until they are selected one by one and made truly unique.


This is exactly what I want as a beginner playing around with fugue...unfortunately I cannot find the tool which will do this. I tried fugue machine which limits me to the iPhone and only permits 4 clones without real control over where phrases enter of exit. Does anybody have an idea where I can find tool to do this ?... In another DAW if necessary. Thank you.

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In Logic what you describe is called Alias region (for MIDI material), and Clone region (for audio material).


Regarding inversion and other tinkering you would likely have to commit to actual (no more Alias) region, and using Transform function and/or with the time handles (in the Piano Roll editor) as described here to invert your music.


Additionally, using the brush tool may also provide further creative opportunities.

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It is very kind of you to reply to me with exactly the details which I require. Your information is very useful to me. Thank you. It would be nice to think that different domains can learn from each other. I design tiles and it would be unthinkable for me to invent new tiles in such a way that I would have to modify each tile in the matrix independently. The work of creating tiles resides in the eye which takes in the whole when an element in the repeated part is modified. Such an approach would seem to me to be essential to writing canon. Bach did not have a computer, I know, but what is a canon if it is not a form of tile, with time as one fo its dimensions. The composition of canons fits together over time just as tiles fit together over a kitchen wall... Once again thank you for your insight which permits me to play with sounds in the same way as I play with lines and colours.
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