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Getting a fat drum lowend on a kick using a 60hz frequency

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Having recently watched a Christian Henson video, I became fascinated by a technique I observed him using, whereby he achieved a fat drum sound.


Open Logic and pick your favourite drum sound, for the sake of this tip I Ultrabeat and the 808 preset


Following your choice of bass drum, create a second track and use the Logic Utility instrument called test oscillator


In the oscillator's menu tune it to 60hz routerlogin 192.168.l.l


After tuning it, add a noise gate effect to the channel strip, to do this click "Audio Effects" scroll to Dynamics and then click "Noise Gate"


Open the noise gate menu and click "Sidechain" then select the track your bass drum is on


Finally set the noise gate to a "Attack" of 3ms, a "Hold" of 60ms and a "Release" of 24ms or whatever you feel comfortable with.


Play your kick drum again and now you should be able to really feel the thickness of the drum.

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