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LCD freezing/External MIDI dropping


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Hello, this is my first post.

I'm encountering an issue that I have absolutely no solution for and can't seem to figure a way to search the symptoms in a way that displays others with the same problem.

I'm using Logic 10.4.1 on a 2017 Mac Mini running OS 10.12.6

Upgrading my OS is simply not an option for reasons outside Logic unfortunately, or I would already have tried that (though i would actually lose some necessary plugins for certain older projects anyway, so maybe not, haha)


The issue:

During playback, the LCD is freezing arbitrarily, which also causes/coincides with MIDI being sent to external device misbehaving. It seems like the data being sent during the momentary freezes all gets sent at once when things go back to normal for a moment. It does not appear to impact playback of audio or internal MIDI devices and the playhead continues as it should.


Here's a very brief clip showing the issue. Despite phone camera audio, you should be able to hear that the bell sound stuttering when it should just be the same phrase of 8th notes repeating.



This problem usually doesn't start right away but as of the past three days happens every time I use the program. It doesn't seem to be affected by how many tracks or what plugins are being used, as even a new project with only one track can cause it. Unplugging the MIDI hub and changing audio interfaces so far have also not changed anything.

No visible CPU or HD spikes, nothing obvious in Activity Monitor.


I've tried changing the buffer size, reseting MIDI devices, resetting PRAM, changing audio interfaces (including built-in audio), closing any unnecessary looking process on Activity Monitor but nothing seems to fix this.


Really unsure where to go from here, I really hope this is a known issue or something easily solved.

If any other information is useful, I'm happy to provide it.

Thank you

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