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Missing stems when selecting and exporting busses

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This issue has been going on SO long, it's infuriating. I've reported it numerous times. 

Basically, lets say you have 10 sub stacks / groups / stems. You select them, and command E (export)... You select the desired settings in the pop up window and then bounce them. While bouncing you can see the stems in your folder.. .Then, when it's all done, a small percentage disappear, acting as if they had no audio and are not needed.

This happens to me ALL the time. Usually when selecting "include volume and pan automation"... But even when I draw in autimation for level at the beginning of each track, making sure there's a point or too to "catch" the volume and make sure Logic doesn't think it's someone at zero level, it still will do this to random tracks. It'll be consistent though on which ones in a project. Sometimes if I turn off "volume automation" setting, they show up. But often I end up having to solo the stem and manually bouncing it.

Anyone seen this and have any solutions? Logic hasn't helped. I wonder if it's a template issue of mine? It's def not an audio routing or user error issue, this I'm sure.

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This is an issue an issue you have already posted about in another topic...

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