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Logic Pro Royalty Free Loops Used Commercially- What Music/Social Sites Won't Flag It For Similar Sound So Quickly

Jane Dow

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Hello All,
Do you know:
1) Because so many people have access to Logic Pro and the music used for my song could be the same as someone in New Jersey or even Argentina who used the sample loops, what music/social media sites in your opinion would not so quickly flag it down automatically even though the loops are royalty free? i.e. Youtube vs Soundcloud vs Bandcamp vs TikTok, Instagram etc. Because of Content ID I heard Youtube could be a problem and then you have to send them Logic Pro's licensing agreement? ....I am a songwriter.
Does Soundcloud or TikTok OR IG or Spotify or Apple Music do this for similar sounding, but royalty-free content?
Thank you,
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I don’t really understand your queries?

AFAIK, Apple loops being royalty-free, no one could claim ownership over them (or part of) if used in their own production; providing those haven’t been modified to a point the resulting loop differs enough to be considered as a different/distinct entity.

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First of all, I suggest that you "cross that bridge when you get there."  If you actually get a "similarity" which you are certain is based on the presence of some Apple Loop, then you can address it with the site.  Everybody uses these loops – their computers have heard them before.

Second, legally register copyright to your work (in the US), and include that "©" copyright notice, in the manner required by law, when you submit it (anywhere).  This is not only your first line of defense against anyone who then tries to rip you off, but also the site owner's first line of defense that they are not guilty of contributory (or, innocent) infringement against somebody else's rights.  You declare that you own the material that you are posting.

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Heres an interesting discussion on NI forums about a similar scenario. The OP later in the thread affirmed his initial concerns were a false alarm but conceded the experience still wasn't nice because of nebulous language. Meanwhile I think some salient points were made.


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