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Audio Files Changed In Session


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Novice here. I hope I can explain this clearly; please excuse me if it’s hard to follow. Had a session that was mixed and edited and saved (Mix 1). Closed it and I started a new project (new session, new tracks, new file name from scratch) with some imported audio files and then recorded multi-tracked drums (Mix 2). Later in evening, I reopened the original session I was working on (Mix 1) and got a message that “one or more files changed length”. When I looked at my drum track stack, half of the files had the drum files from the other session (Mix 2) in place of the files that had the same names (ie: “kick” was kick from a different song (Mix 2), same with “snare” and “room”). Here’s the really strange part. When I found the missing files, listened to them, opened them in new sessions, they were correct; but as soon as I dragged them into the session, they reverted to the wrong files. Like a freaking magic trick. Tried Apple Support and they had no idea. Started brand new session and was able to make it work, but anytime I drag a file into that other session, it turns into the wrong audio file for that track. How do I avoid this in the future? What did I do wrong to make this happen and has anyone ever done this before? Happy to clarify if this is unclear. 

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Make sure your files have unique names at all times by properly labeling the recording tracks prior to the recording.

If you have 15 projects and all of them have an audio file named 'Kick' which is not the same everywhere, this is a recipe for disaster. In case Logic needs to to look for a file, it may pick the next one it finds with a matching name and, like a marriage, once that bond is made, it's very inconvenient and expensive to separate.

In your specific case, if the project already has locked into the wrong file(s):

- close all Logic projects
- in the Finder, rename "Kick" to "Song 1 Kick" and "Kick" to "Song 2 Kick", etc.
- open project 1. It will complain immediately that it can't find "Kick". Yes, Sherlock, we just renamed that file, it's obvious you can't find it, that was the point of this exercise. 
- Click Locate and navigate to "Song 1 Kick"
- Click Use and confirm your choice with "Yes, Sherlock, the name is different, yes, we still want you to use this exact file for reasons which may be beyond your understanding".
- If you can open a project with all files correctly assigned, give them unique names in the Project Audio window to avoid future trouble.

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Thank you @triplets and @fuzzfilth for your reply and help. I will start including my audio files in my sessions; Rookie mistake. As far as unique names on every instrument each session; makes sense, but I can’t believe every studio running logic names every snare or acoustic or bass, on every song, in every session, something different???!!! There needs to be a better way.!!! You guys are incredible and I appreciate you helping me navigate this. I will try these fixes. Was very surprised that the files I dragged into the session would change upon entry, Ha ha. Amazing fix. Thanks. 

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2 hours ago, Scary said:

but I can’t believe every studio running logic names every snare or acoustic or bass, on every song, in every session, something different???!!!

As long as you check "include audio files" when you save, you're good. No need for complex naming.

Just don't wait two hours before you save your project. It's the first thing you should do.

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I have always taken great precautions to keep my projects self contained. Always organized as folders, with all audio files inside the audio files folder inside the project folder. The very first thing when I start a new project is to save my project organized that way in the right location, then I keep checking in the project folder to make sure everything looks right, and as I record or import audio files in the project (which I never do before saving the project), I keep track of all the files locations by opening a Project File Browser and making it wide so that I can see the entire path to all the audio files. They should always be inside the project as expected. 

By doing this I am free to name my files as I want, which is typically rather simple names (Vocals, Guitar, Kick, Snare, etc.). 

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