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(Somewhat Dated) Apple Loops Transposition Question


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Well this one makes me feel like a noob. I've never used Apple loops for all these years ... I know. So I apologize for what has probably been answered before, although I couldn't find this exact question elsewhere. So look . . . 

When I drag an apple loop (let's talk about blue/audio loops for now) from the loop browser to the arrange window it adapts to the project key signature and is also affected by any entries in the transposition track and/or any transpose settings in the region or track inspector. Cool. I get that. But, if I uncheck the box in the region inspector "follow tempo and pitch" for the loop that's now in the arrange window (which is checked by default) I would expect the loop to play back in its original key. In other words, with this box unchecked, the loop should NOT adapt to the project's key. And so I uncheck the box and the loop indeed doesn't adapt to the project's key. But instead of playing back in its original key it always plays back in C. I find this to be strange behavior. Is this just the way it is?

Note that this has nothing to do with previewing loops in the loop browser where you can, in fact, choose to preview in song key or original key. 

Am I missing something here?


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Thanks David. It's good to know I'm not going crazy here. It's a bit annoying to have to use the region inspector to "anti-transpose"  any loop that you want to use as just a plain old sample to get it back to its original key. 

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Not at the studio to test it but I wonder if it has to do with the Logic‘s default key (C & 4/4). 

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