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Change Song Length (change the bar length of a song by writing new one?)


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Hi guys this is asked a thousand times before probably, so my wording is probably awful but I know you can drag the mouse at the play bar end and drag the number of bars much longer but when i do that it jumps back a number of bars so lets say eg. track length is the usualy auto set at 127 or 129 bars long length, I place the mouse cursotr at the end bar number point eg. bar 127 and I drag and it does start extending that length adding more bars making the play line longer, but no idea why but it suddenly skips back to the bar number i started with eg. it de-extends the length to bar 127 start point it will not extend the bar length to make my song longer, so question is... is there no simple way to just type 350 barsor type any wanted bar length for a song length instead of using this forced track length drag stretch sat at 127 bars to 129 bars that songs always open with, this would speed up my work flow exponentially and prevent me punching my knuckles through the screen and out the back of my macbook lid which I am seriously debating doing loosing my temper with it right now. I used to be a plasterer on building sites so i swore a hell of a lot we all do but this thing is making me swear worse than I have ever heartd or done my self it's just f bombs and mother somethings blurting out in rapid succession because this is just giving me the kind of itch I can never scratch it's p'ng me off to a stage I am going to snap my macbook and create a foldable book out of it it's infuriating.

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  • David Nahmani changed the title to Change Song Length (change the bar length of a song by writing new one?)
7 hours ago, Atlas007 said:

Have you tried adjusting the end of the project via the LCD, as explained in the documentation?

Thanks Atlas I absolutely know what your saying but I struggle learning especially written articles even consolidating commands/written information, I'm a real pain I know, hate asking you but is there any chance you could do me a huge favour and create a screen recording doesn't need to be technical at all or voice guided just a mouse cursor showing where you've clicked and showing when your writing in the box to change the length please, I apologise for asking I'm autistic I don't follow written sentances and or paragraphs that you need to combine in memory to give a complete picture that you can use to guide you, I require something short and baby layman's ideally a mouse on a screen clicking things and then I know when your typing in a new number for the bar length when I see the box appear and the numbers changing. I'm autistic I do not consolidate written guides or written commands at all but simplify something in a video I may well then absorb that. Sorry to be a burden asking. I never do anything by half either so I am not just autistic (aspergers mild) I also have a suspected dyspraxia condition which is basically a condition that makes you when it's mild in my specific case very hard to teach if not impossible to explain anything new to especially in writing I'm also confused easily with anything that requires the need to read it and absorb it and then repeat it back by memory, I have a supernatural ability/gift of the things I do manage to grasp but the caveat is actually finding a way for me to absorb and further more retain the things I am shown, but I am terrible with eg. written grammar and punctuation on a forum response msg like this eg. But then I am a computer repair technician 8.5yrs tuition hands on at a computer repair shop, I am unable to understand hz and all those logic video guides on youtube had 1 days tutition hands on shown, but I  left the notepad I wrote what I was taught in and despite that somehow I taught my self with no videos or guides how  to master and mix and create/produce music in logic, but ask me to word and or memorise a single way in which to do any of that without showing you by dragging/dropping/pointing and clicking and  and sonible for equalisationI'm unable to, yet I have somehow made a template to master and somehow found and adopted some opensource plugins to A.I equalise for me eg. sonible balancer and a tool to compress and so on so I do not require memorisation to play a part using Molot compressor but I cannot follow a simple guide in writing you've linked to becuase my memory won't retain it all and I cannot consolidate it all it's like that saying in one aer and out the other but in a quite litteral sense.

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