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multiple take selection workflow suggestions


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Hey everyone, the last few projects I did were some larger, and longer form, chamber music things. Where on multiple sessions, the performers decided to go 'section-by-section' doing multiple takes of each section of a piece, before moving on to the next. And then in some instances, even going back and doing an earlier section, because they had warmed up or whatever.

As I came to edit the piece, I do my usual; I select the each take, and delete the others and line everything up.

But in this choir piece that I've screenshot below, it my methods felt clumsy, and I thought there must be a smoother way.  

This piece has tons of takes of each section (or phrase) Each phrase is 10-30 seconds long. Most of the phrases are nearly identically performed, and there are many options for the 'good take'. Take 3 of phrase 2 might sound great with take 6 of phrase 3, but that doesn't go well with take one of phrase 4 etc etc. 

Just wondering if anyone has a neat workflow or method, or does logic have some snazzy tech that allows quick switching? 

Anyway, just trying to speed up the workflow. Maybe there's no shortcut.😁




Screen Shot 2022-09-17 at 3.57.25 PM.png

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Hi Atlas, thanks for the reply man. 

I didn't know you could set it up with a bunch of audio files after-the fact. That's so cool. I mostly just use comping on vocal takes when a singer is doing a verse, or guitar solos etc. 

How would I set that up? 


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