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Motorised Fader solution for CC's

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Hi all, I have a little PreSonus Fader port. (Original) It is great! It has a motorised single fader that I use for doing automation for track volume. One if its limitations however is, it ONLY works for Logic track Volume (I'm talking about the fader not the pan etc).

I am after a similar fader that I can assign for a track's CC automation. Say example CC11 or CC1. I certainly know how to assign a fader to those CC's but I'm looking for a solution where the track's CC automation is then sent back to the motorised fader so I can "tweak" it whilst it is moving.

Any suggestions out there?

Currently I use two sliders on my controller keyboard which work fine BUT they are not motorised.

Looking for a simple CC solution that works the same was as the PreSonus Faderport for track volume.


Thanks team,



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Yup just check it out again. It certainly works but is only one way,.....I'm trying to get the motorised Fader to respond to the Automation data. Make sense? I can write it using the fader but it doesn't send the automation back to the fader (It records the data and plays it back to the plugin as expected)



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I have a Behringer X-Touch One Universal Control Surface. It's pretty similar to Faderport but has a few more bells and whistles which is why I got it. I don't have it turned on right now but I do recall I can assign the fader to any automation lane I want, including midi cc, and when in read or latch mode it will respond in real time.

My only qualm with it is the motorized fader is a bit loud for my tastes, but hey, it was cheap, is what it is. Not a dealbreaker but if you're listening back to a mix, especially a dynamic mix with quiet sections, hearing the fader can be a bit distracting haha. But perhaps it would work for you.

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