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Auto Sampler bug when recording


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Logic Pro x 10.7.4

macOS 12.6 / MacBook Pro m1



I’m trying to record using auto sampler from an external synth but halfway through the sampling process, it stops playing audio but shows a strange wave form. 

You can see from the screenshots that the audio appears as expected and then randomly audio stops and you see this waveform being generated.

I tried it with a few different synths but I get the same results. The recorded wav files are blank audio files when you play them through the finder. 

Any thoughts?



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I think it's sorted.  I'm using a Motu MicroLite that was connected to my USB Overhub, but if I bypass it completely and connect the MicroLite to a USB port on the Macbook pro, Auto Sampler performs as expected. I think the Overhub is probably the culprit.

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Well this is the weird thing. I did another test bypassing all hubs and using an Apple TB/usb-c to USB3 dongle on the MacBook Pro then connecting the MOTU Micro Lite but I still get the same results.

When it happens the audio stops and just generates this waveform.

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I thought it was working using the apple dongle but the problem reoccurred again.  It seems to be random, it can be the first note that autosampler triggers or it could be later on in the sampling process.


I have some options that I’m going to try: 

1. With the same setup try a different synth (as Atlas007 suggested).
2. Test using the Fireface midi ports, bypassing the MOTU micro lite. 

3. Use an old usb-midi adapter cable.

4. Use an old MacBook Pro I have (early 2013) but I need to work out if it runs a version of logic with autosampler (I think it was introduced in 10.5?).

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