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Logic Mixing Tutorials for Rock Music

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Hi & howdy, 

I've been on a recording tear for the last year and assumed I would be mixing at a studio when the time came but realizing that due to finances and time constraints, I'm probably just going to have to do this on my own. I've made a dozen records in my life in various bands so I'm not a newby but it's been a long time since I've mixed for final by myself and I'm straining to remember all the old tips, tricks and rules, plus the new ones that pertain to mixing for phone speakers and AirPods and the such. Specifically, how best to do in logic.

I should note that while there are plenty of instrument tracks (and the drums are about 50% logic drum tracks), this is modern rock music, not beat driven dance based music or hip hop. I know mixing can be pretty different depending on genre.   

So I'm thinking I should dig into one of the many tutorial series available. I know there's a lot to choose from and I'd prefer not to waste a tone of time on ones that are either super basic and not very in depth or spend too much time on stuff not related to more traditional audio driven mixes.  

It might turn out that I need two separate tutorials, one logic specific and another rock mix specific. I have a basic utilitarian knowledge of logic, not super in depth but I get the job done, and would like to know the program as it applies specifically to mixing more deeply. But I'm also looking for the how to's of placing vocals, managing frequency overlaps and how widen and deepen a mix, modern medium considerations etc... more about just the art of mixing.

Don't worry about room and monitors and the such. It aint Oceanway up in here but I have fantastic monitors and 6 pairs of excellent but different headphones (kindofa headphone junkie). As with everything I'll make do with what I have. 

Any tutorials that were particularly helpful for you?

Thanks in advance,


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17 hours ago, Atlas007 said:

You might find useful to become acquainted with Dolby Atmos (spatial audio) recent Logic implementation, as it changes significantly the mixing paradigm. 

Yea I don't know, I'm not to get overly concerned with surround mixing before I get decent at stereo mixing. Probably 99+% of the listening is either going to be headphones or laptop/ phone/ Siri/ bluetooth speaker setups. It's like asking for a good driving school and suggesting I learn to become a helicopter pilot first. 

16 hours ago, MikeRobinson said:

Something else to add ... "Let's not get 'abstract' here!"  Please post some actual mixes and/or stems.  Show us what you've done so far, and what you have in mind.  As Olivia Newton-John (RIP ...) actually did not quite say:  "Let's get dig-i-tal!"

"We will sell no wine before its time"... 😉

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