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Varispeed gone glitchy


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I've used Varispeed in Logic many times and have always been impressed with how, well, useful it is. I'll pitch a track down 2% or 4% or 7% etc if the song is a bit too high. I've slowed songs down so that my vocal comes back at semi-chipmunk frequency. I've used to it as a corrective tool and as a way of twisting things creatively. 

Very recently, though, even the slightest amount of Varispeed results in a glitchy, stuttery recording. No idea if I've tweaked some other settings that might have come back to haunt, but if anyone has any hints or guesses, I'd be grateful.



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On 11/26/2022 at 7:56 PM, grumblepig said:

I've not. Shall!

I didn't! Turns out the Varispeed glitchiness was to do with - I'm pretty certain - my having left Studio One open, with a big project up. I was working between Logic for recording and S1 for "pretend mastering," but had forgotten S1 was live while I was recording in Logic. 

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