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I time-fixed a phase-locked kit... but forgot the room mic. Can this be fixed without starting again


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So the other day I spent quite a while snapping a drum kit to the grid and it sounds good.  Trouble is, my room mic transpired to have been dragged further down the project, so it got left out when I spent ages fixing everything else.  I'm wondering if there is a way I can add this stem to the group and sync it up with minimal fuss, or will I need to start everything from scratch?  Hugely frustrating if so.

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No automatic way I know of,

but you can open up copies of the phase-locked regions to the left and also the room mic to the left and align them that way - should take too long and definitely less than doing the whole process again.

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I haven't tried it, so you'd need to, but here's what I'd do:

- Pick a Region that is close soundwise to the room mic, say, an overhead
- Duplicate the Track and that overhead Region
- Convert Region to New Audio File, so you have a real copy of the overhead audio file
- Name the new file Spare Room or something *very* unique
- Close the Project
- In Finder, delete Spare Room
- Open the Project. It will ask for Spare Room, which we just deleted
- Use the Locate button to point it to the audio file with the actual room mic. Keep a straight face while doing this, else your bluff may fail.

Might just work.

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That's a great idea!

But also be very careful that you do this right with the copies and filenames!!

Work on a copy of your project and make a backup of everything before to an external drive that is not connected.

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