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Anybody know a thing or two about this plugin, please? I've read some positive reviews about it and I'm thinking about adding it to my armoury, as it were.

I do a lot of vocal stuff so harmonies would be quite an asset.


Melodyne seems a bit too expensive for my basic needs, and creating vocal harmonies in flex-pitch is a bit hit and miss, so I'd prefer a dedicated plugin and Waves is the one I'm looking at.

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Well seeing as David has name checked me I suppose I had better give my opinion (and it's only my opinion, feel free to completely disregard).

I find it to be a bit artificial sounding for my tastes, however it certainly works. That's great advice from fisherking (as usual), by trying the demo you can determine for yourself if the plugin is for you. It is not Melodyne but then we're not comparing apples with apples there as there is a massive difference in cost.

Also if you want to learn the theory behind harmony and find out how different harmonisations sound then it absolutely is a great tool for that.

NB I would have to add a quick caveat about Waves. Never pay full price for a Waves product. They always have some kind of sale on and the vast majority of their products can found on sale at one time or another. Also be aware of the Waves update plan. Every year they come up with a new version number - paid. You do not have to upgrade, of course, but at some stage you may find that upgrading you Mac OS to the next increment will leave you having to update your Waves product or do without it. Many people don't seem to mind this facet of Waves but I just thought you should know.


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i use izotope's nectar 3 a lot for harmonies, (sometimes set in stone, sometimes from midi chords), but also... flex pitch. i'll take a lead (ie a verse), copy it to a new track, and transpose it up a 5th (for example), sometimes adjusting notes to work better (you can of course set the scale for flex pitch). then, pulling it a little behind the lead... works wonders.

harmony is fun because you can do lush choruses, and play chords from your keyboard. but it does need something 'real' over it, to mask some of it's quirks. so yes, lol... the demo....

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