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Delete Bus - Behaviour Change?


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I've been using Logic for decades, but something feels off.  Trying to delete unused Aux strips from the mixer, sometimes also deletes tracks from the main page. Opening/closing the mixer below the Main page sometimes fixes it, but I usually work from a separate Mix window on a different screen.  Has anyone else experienced this?

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The busses aren't hidden.  When I try to delete an Aux strip, it also deletes random, unselected regions or tracks from the Main Arrange page.  This has never happened before - I've been with Logic since Notator days.  Just wondering if it's a 10.7.7 thing.

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16 hours ago, Atlas007 said:

Oh! 😮

Does that also happen with all the projects?

Just to rule out a corruption issue, have you tried in a new project (not using a template)?

Hi - thanks - there's no corruption, it's on all projects.  I really appreciate your suggestions - I'm just wondering if anyone has had specific experience with this particular issue.  I've been running Logic since the late 80s, so I'll always start with the well-known "best practices" when there's an issue.


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