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MainStage for iPad


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Logic for iPad always causes much discussion as iOS users want more pro apps, but when I think about the re-work necessary, I just can’t see it happening.  For now, there’s GarageBand for iOS and Logic Remote.  But a ‘remote’ like app for MainStage might be a viable architecture.

MainStage shares resources and content with Logic and your 3rd party plugins and virtual instruments, which reside on a Mac.  Until those resources can run on your iPad locally, MainStage for iPad is a challenge.  But, just as Logic Remote can control much of Logic from your iPad, I could see a MainStage Remote for iPad working the same way.

Any thoughts or ideas?

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I've been thinking about this before and I don't quite see many advantages.

A lot of the initial work done in Mainstage is organizing the sounds, programming them in zones, sorting them into Sets and so on. This clearly works better directly on Mainstage's computer interface.

The actual use on the other hand is in a live situation where you ideally just walk through the Concert and interact with it using various controllers. What is usually not done here is accessing the programming side of Mainstage. Could the iPad be used as an additional controller? Sure, but it becomes pretty much a MIDI controller then.

I think Mainstage needs first and foremost a preset implementation similar to the one in Logic. Unless I've overlooked something the only presets directly accessible are Track presets; the "blue triangle" that can be set to single plugins is sorely missing.


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I am using TouchOsc as a 'remote' for MainStage. MainStage acts as the 'host' for plugins and so on but onstage interactions are either via TouchOsc on iPad (but could be iPhone) and MIDI footpedal.

One advantage I can see of a MainStage 'remote' would be not having to learn a whole new software - although some folk enjoy that kind of thing 😂

Disclaimer - I'm a guitar player in this scenario. 

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