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After updating Logic, Record Enable button missing from all tracks except "Ch1's"


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Hi Logic peeps, hope you can help me with this.

For instrument software tracks, my Record and Input Monitoring buttons now only appear on the "main channel track" (the track with the -/+ button in the mixer view). When I go to Configure Track and toggle the Record Enable buttons, the R button does appear and disappear... but ONLY on that main track. Same problem for the "I" button. So for e.g. for the below, I can now only record midi and CC for piccolo and not the other flutes. But literally 5 minutes before this happened, I was recording midi and CC as per normal on all tracks. Now, when I record, the red region appears while recording, and then just disappears when I stop recording. 

For audio tracks, the R and I button both appear though.

I googled and saw that it might be an audio input thing, but mine is fine (pointing to audio interface). I'm out of ideas, hope someone can help.

(*I am on 10.7.8. This problem might have appeared before updating Logic, I am not 100% certain now....thinking back, I wouldnt update Logic in the middle of a deadline unless something weird happened.)

Thank you!

Edit: Working on iMac 2019, Ventura 13.4. I also just remembered, all of a sudden, my midi/cc recording regions would start from the start of project, no matter where I was recording, resulting in super long nearly-empty regions. I couldn't find what was wrong, so I decided to update Logic...and now this happened.


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Same. I just updated to 10.7.8 and I have the same problem.  All multi-out midi instruments (like Kontakt, Omnisphere, etc.) only allow recording into the first channel of the instance. No other channels.   I can play-thru the other tracks, and hear my performance in real-time when playing my MIDI controller, but if I try to record said midi input, it won't record.  Strangely, a MIDI region forms, as if recording (with the note data in it), but the region disappears on pressing stop.  

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