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"smart" keyboard accompaniment plugin?

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I'm a singer/songwriter and I primarily play guitar/bass. I can mess around with keys but I'm not versatile or skilled enough to do anything particularly interesting. So I'm looking for a tool to help me out.

Ideally, it would be smart enough to identify the chords or bass notes I'm playing but it would be ok if I had to enter the chords manually. It would then offer different rhythmic patterns/styles, inversions, arpeggios and other stylistic features. Once I had a pattern I liked I would then be able to "print" it to a midi track and edit it in the piano roll as I wanted, and of course change instruments.

I've messed around with LP's built in arpeggiator and chord trigger, but they're very... generic and it's not clear how to use them to achieve a certain style.

Are there any tools out there that fit this niche?

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