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Logic 10.8 Bug: Loading PLAY Patches Causes Track Name to Revert to "Untitled"


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1 minute ago, Atlas007 said:

Were those patches been explicitly saved with the track/channelstrip previously named accordingly?

Yes they were — I’ll try to get another video up soon to show this. If I drag a single patch with PLAY saved into an empty 10.8 project, the track name even appears fine. It’s loading it into a ‘busier’ project (see first video, but again that’s not busy by much!) or importing multiples of these PLAY .patch files at once that the tracks will spasm and turn “Untitled” during the loading. 

I’ve been talking with East West support and they’ve made it clear it’s a Logic issue as PLAY never creates the track name for a loaded instrument in Logic. Hence why I’m here. Of course it’s noteworthy that this issue is only happening with patches of my PLAY libraries, seemingly when overwhelmed with loading activity. But again, PLAY itself in no way writes that information. 

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