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Just wanted to provide a "BUYER BEWARE" heads-up to anyone thinking about buying the Icon Pro Audio V1M & V1X controllers! I purchased both units about 7 weeks ago.


I traveled to the USA to buy these units as they are unavailable in the country where I live. After returning home, I discovered that the units are defective in that the lengths of both are two different sizes, and the meter bridges on both have different slopes/angles. As such, these units cannot be aligned flush/adjacent next to each other as demonstrated in all the lovely marketing/promo images Icon and retailers advertise!

4 weeks ago, I reported emailed Icon Pro Audio and reported that my units had these inherent manufacturing defects.
During the subsequent two weeks, I went back and forth with Icon support via email.  They ask me to do this, and then do that and they asked me me to send pictures so that Icon's Quality Control and engineers could see the defects I was referring to. I did as iCon requested and sent them several pics showing the defects. Additionally for the sake of OVERKILL, I also to created several videos showing the defects more vividly just so there was no possible misunderstanding.

After viewing the photos and videos I shared, Icon support contacted me about several days later, and informed me that iCon management had agreed to replace both units! They informed me that the units are not available in the country where I live and that they were in the working on locating a distributor in another country who would fulfill the replacements.

Then Icon suddenly stopped all communication.

iCon simply disappeared for about 2 weeks, crickets!

So...I decided to contact Icon once again seeking a status update on my replacement unit, and their response SHOCKED me!!!

Instead of apologizing for all the headaches and all the delays, instead of apologizing that their quality control team did not catch these defects before shipping them out to retail, Icon said none of that!!!

Instead, they asked to send even more photos and more videos!

Needless to say, I was beyond extending more patience at this point!  I was beyond engaging in more back and forth never ending delays and driving 80km - 100km as they insisted I do to purchase a wrench to see if I could modify the units. I informed iCon NO WAY I'm gonna take off a days' work, spend money on gasoline, buy a wrench, and maybe come back and maybe then accidentally cause damage to the units in the process of me while trying to repair/fix what iCon's own "LACK OF - Quality Control Team" was paid to do, BEFORE these units left the factory.

After having spent $2,000 and gone through all this endless back and forth with Icon customer service for the last four weeks (In total, I'm now seven weeks into this saga since I purchased these units).

In my one of email last week to Icon I said:
I've been a loyal customer to you guys for the last two years, I bought two other controllers from you guys before... I asked them to please honor your agreement to replace both units without further delay. I expressed to them that my patience and tolerance with this situation had become unacceptable and that they should do the right thing and simply honor their word to replace both units without further delay and without trying to move the goal post again and again and not allow this saga to continue on and on and on.

I emailed 2 or 3 times last week and again this morning, to let them know that this it is UNACCEPTABLE that they should treat a customer this way and that they need to honor their agreement to replace both units without further harassment and delay. Once again, they have disappeared without any reply for nearly 1 week now.

Several times in the last 3 weeks, I asked if I could speak to the manager by telephone who approved the replacement of my two units. They never responded to my request to talk to the manager by phone.

Last week, I did a quick Google search on "Icon Pro Audio" and within one minute discovered that I'm not the only one who feels CHEATED by Icon Pro Audio (see 2 quick links below and there are more out there!).

Apparently, iCon Pro Audio seems to be a history of treating its' customer VERY POORLY!!!

STUPID ME for not having done my due diligence on the company before giving them another $2,000 of my money seven weeks ago.

At this point, because they have once again, for the third time, disappeared and have not responded to my last few emails during the last week, and the fact that they refuse to speak with me by phone, I've decided to begin to publicize my unfortunate story.

I wish to inform and warn everyone and anyone who might be considering purchasing controller units (or any other products for that matter) from ICON PRO AUDIO!!!

1) Talk to a consumer fraud attorney to see what, if any, remedies I might have (maybe connect with others for a possible class action).
2) Post a Youtube video sharing my story and showing the defects of the units on video
3) Post on other music tech forums to warn others.




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