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80's Gated/Slap back Handclap Instrument Strip

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I hear this on many ballads from the late 80's early 90's and thought I would share. Sounds great on electronic hand claps from that era.


The effect is a crisp clap with nice solid attack and gated reverb. After the initial clap you hear a delayed clap with almost no attack and very narrow bandwidth.


This has started to become one of our most requested effects on slower rap and R&B production. Funny how it all travels in one big circle ;)


01.26.09 I added both the Channel Strip version and the Instrument version



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Have not had a chance to use this yet, but let me be the first to say thanks.

Are these the claps that were used by just about every group from that era e.g Human League, Frankie goes to Hollywood, Duran Duran etc ?


Speaking of Frankie goes to Hollywood any one know how to get that great bass sound from 'Relax', got to love that sound



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Actually they were used from time to time. This is just the eq, delay and reverb. I use the old DMX claps as well as the 808....both sound great and it is pretty cool effect.


I remember me and another engineer spending the better part of a day back in 89 trying to figure out how this was produced...LOL We beat my MPC60 to death.

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Still learn but what inst. is it for so I know what folder to place it in?


not sure about the instrument .pst, but with the .cst I just dumped it in the channel strips/track folder, and loaded up a clap sound I had in EXS. the channel strip setting was for the effects, not the actual clap sound.


very nice channel strip BTW. thanks a bunch.

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