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My Click disappeared?!?!

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I am working on a session and my click track just disappeared, I cant figure out how to get another one back in there. I tried making a new empty track, and clicking reassign track > midi click, didn't work. Need help quick! thanks Edited by Devon8822
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ohh no the same thing happened to another project i'm in the middle of! I just compressed the .logic file for one of the sessions, here it is:


I took a quick look and the metronome Channel Strip was gone but it played none the less on my system.

I have created the Click Channel Strip for you and assigned it to Software Instrument 256, as it should be.


Hope this helps.


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Thanks Eric, could you tell me how you did that so I know how for next time?




I Disabled the Automatic Management of Channel Strip Objects in Project Settings > Audio.

Opened an Environment window and navigated to the Mixer layer.

Created a new Software Instrument and assigned it to 256.

Renamed the Instrument object to Click.

Enabled Automatic Management of Channel Strip Objects again.

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Reviving this thread because the problem keeps resurfacing. I have a session where the click does not show up in the mixer at all when i click "all". Sometimes the click works despite it not existing in the mixer or environment, sometimes it doesnt. When it does, the output meter shows movement, but there is no channel for a click? I dont understand whats happening here.
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Hi, I know this topic is very old but I need urgent help.


I have a film score session with all the scene markers and tempo changes but I don't know what happened with the click channel strip, it is gone so when trying to get it back I mess around the environment window and deleted some stuff so now I have a click sounding but no way to modify the volume. what should I do? I don't want to do all the session all over again.


Thank you,



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Hi again!


Ok I did the (deselect File > Project Settings > Audio :: Channel Strips — "Automatic management of channel strip objects")

Now I have the instrument channel strip but no way to choose channel 256, it only shows someAudio channels from 1 to 6 and 7-8-9 stayed grayed with the reserved legend.

Any suggestion?


Thank you!

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Hi David good morning!


I doing something wrong, can't find the way to choose instrument 256, I selected the new channel strip with the click instrument. but this is what I see.


I Opened a normal instrument channel on the arrangement window and opened the click instrument and on the environment I connected a wire and it seems to work, but it is not the native click setup that usually logic has. I would like to have the way it was before ( the default way)



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Hi all,


I can confirm a similarly strange behavior.

One of my students showed me his session. (Perhaps it was from an earlier version of Logic Pro, but not before 10.2).

The click was playing but wasn't showing in the mixer.

I disabled automatic channel strip management. Added a new channel strip in the environment. Assigned it to Klopfgeist. Tried to assign it to Channel 256, but it says it is "reserved"... Duhhh... yes, for the Klopfgeist ... no idea how to tackle this one.


Logic session is attached.


Thanks all!!



Logic Pro X 10.4.7 - Macbook Pro 2014, 16GB RAM, Mac OS 10.13.6


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