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Looking for tips to collaborate on a project over the Web

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Hi there! I want to collaborate on Logic projects with a friend over the internet. Looking to see if anybody can recommend any best practices / good sharing tools/ favorite web sites, lessons learned etc.


So far I'm looking at either Google Drive or Pando for the file transfers.


Are there any tips for saving the projects, naming tracks, files, working with samples?


I'm using Logic Pro 9.1.8. Its been a few years since I was using Logic on a regular basis, and only solo projects at that time.


Any help is greatly appreciated!




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I compress the file folder and put it in Dropbox. And usually send an email or text saying check DBox. The person receiving the file will copy then delete it from the Dropbox folder to let the other person know they received it. We usually go back and forth a few times with variations and different mixes so our naming system is kept simple using version number 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc. A final product is usually something simple like; SONG TITLE v1.6F.
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Here's what I've been using faithfully.


First, download the DMP au plug from digitalmusician.net and each insert a copy into you master bus. Then log in and connect to your partner. You will both be able to hear each others Logic as if you were connected as one. Its pretty remarkable. There's usually about 250ms delay between sides so you can't effectively play together, but you can certainly communicate and listen. I use iChat to transfer midi or audio parts as we create them.


I have a few clients with whom I conduct sessions with from 1300 miles away. I simply use a combination of Logic, DMP, and screen share ( from Ichat) to control the session in NY from here in Orlando. I can hear the session perfectly as well as control my partners screen while he and the other musicians play the parts. When I'm satisfied with the session I transfer the files over.


I've been considering using this combination to provide lessons in Logic and well as production & arranging.


Let me know if you need further info.

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