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MIDI import export question?


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I'm sorry if this has been asked before, but I did not have the time to read thru 4718 matches for a search on midi export. :oops:

When I finish my score in Logic then export out as a .mid file it imports into my two other programs (Guitar Pro and Harmony Assistant ) with different timing.

Could someone explain why this happens, and how it can be fixed. Thank you.


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For what I can see in your picture, the tempo is not the only difference.

The pitches also don't correspond, (not to mention about the notes' beat positions in the measures highlighted)!

Logic handles the MIDI data in a way that make a score more printable (from within Logic)...

It is foreseeable that different apps would handle the same issue differently.

However, I have the feeling that it is not the only problem involved here.

Depending of the export performed from Logic, the absolute position of the note could be influenced by the beginning of either the MIDI Region or the Track' one...

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Could it be that Interpretation is on?

If so, Logic is arranging what you see, but there's no change on your MIDI notes.


When export, you export real MIDI notes.


You could try to adjust the MIDI note durations to what you really want to see (force legato, etc…).

If you change in the piano roll that's all, but if you do it with Region Parameters (Gate Time, etc…) you need to normalize these parameters to each region berofe you export the MIDI File.


I hope this works.

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