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Importing Acid drum loops as folders


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OK I asked this a while back and got some quick answers, I felt dumb and went away.


Enjoying Logic from years of Reaper use on PC and now with Mac I can do some things I could not do before (just a trade off)


But when I did loops in Reaper I could open the media browser find my Drums on demand loops in their proper folders.

and sub folders


The manual just says this:

The Loop Browser also displays Acid Loops. Acid Loops don’t contain tags like Apple Loops. In Acid Loops, this information is derived from the surrounding folder structure (especially the names of folders), which must comply with certain standards. This means that it’s not possible to drag an individual Acid Loops file into the Loop Browser.


As such, you need to drag the entire CD (or folder) that contains the Acid Loops into the Loop Browser.


So when I drag a cd full of Acid loops (Drums on demand) in different folders they just show up scattered all over the place.

Is that the best I can do? Man that is sure confusing

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