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Classic compressor circuit presets

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@Morphido, I think these presets would be really handy while explaining compressor types to students. I guess some of us (me included) would be really grateful if you share them with us. TIA.

Andy Hardwake

Apple Certified Pro

MP 1st gen 2.66 GHz/16 GB/10.7.5

RMBP 2.6 GHz/8 GB/10.8.5

Logic Pro X 10.0.3

Apogee Ensemble, MCU, Korg SP-200/01/W

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@Morphido, you da man!!!!!! thanks!!!



Logic pro x 10.3 (apogee one) | Spitfire- Komplete 9 -Ozone 5 - IK cs grand - 2031 A truth- East West Complete composer collection 2 with Ghost Writer and Storm drum 2


Mac mini 2014 --OSX 10.11.3

processor 2.6 Ghz intel core I7

memory 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

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Hi mate


You've no doubt seen the new compressor GUIs with the 10.1 update. Apple strongly hint at the model type with the colour of each compressor type and they have added a new compressor as well so I suggest amending your list to...



dbx 160

Focusrite Red


1176 RevA




I've attached a file in this thread with the new compressor models based on their hardware equivalents with some basic settings that are appropriate for what they might be used for. I've put them in the factory folder...HD-library-application support-logic-plug-in settings-compressor


Best wishes



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The LA-2A is really nice. They're all terrific. Well done and many thanks for posting.

Jacques Bailhé

Mac dual quad Pro 2.2ghz, 32gb RAM, OS 10.14.4, Logic 10.4.8, Sibelius, Apogee Ensemble FW, Spitfire Audio, Native Instruments, Chris Hein Horns, Kirk Hunter libraries, MOTU Midi Time Piece AV, Korg OASYS, Line 6, etc.

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