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Split at transients doesn't split at transients [BUG]


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I've recorded bass notes chromaticly from my beloved TR-Rack to make an EXS24 instrument. I go to Slice At Transient Markers (to make carefully adjusted regions for EXS) and boom, slice it does, but not at the markers, but off by tens of milliseconds, even when you can clearly see that the markers are dead-on. Here's a low res pic:



Or am I missing something? No alignment guide snap, tried yes/no grid snap, no zero crossing snap.


Irritated. Reported.


EDIT: Added another picture, this is from an EXS instru I made based on the slices (I KNEW they're off, but did it any way to show it's OFFFFF)


Where does that difference come from, you can clearly see the transients AND the region start and end being at different spots.

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