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Audio Plays for 5 seconds then completely cuts out


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Ive been having this issue for a few months and haven't been able to fix it using any youtube videos or websites. So I have a usb interface and when I plug it in to my mac and play back my track, I can hear the audio for about 5 seconds before it cuts out. It cuts out at the same spot every time. For some reason It only has happened when the interface is plugged in. It plays perfectly fine with the mac book speakers. I thought the interface was the problem until I bought a new interface and the same problem kept happening. I haven't seen anything on the internet that has a solution for this problem, can anybody help me?
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I removed them all and yes, im still having the same issue.

When the audio drops, do you see all the meters in your mixer fade to nothing as well?


What if in the test copy, you start removing your tracks, one by one, and test again? Does playback resume normal functionality at some point or can you reproduce this issue even with only one track left?

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When the problem first occurred I was using the Rode A1-1. I bought a new Scarlett Solo third generation usb and Im still having the same problem. It happens when I use the usb audio interface. It happens with all of my projects.

My next step if you can't seem to resolve this issue would be:

1. Unplug the Rode.

2. Unplug everything from your iMac but the Focusrite.

3. Make sure the Focusrite is selected as both an input and output devices in Logic's preferences.

4. Start a new empty project, place a single Apple Loop on a single audio track and loop it, verify that you can reproduce the issue.

5. Contact Focusrite tech support and ask them to help you troubleshoot the issue.


Whatever you found out with their help, please do let us know here? Thanks!

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I think the problem may have something to do with the sample rate. When I first playback my track the sample rate of my mac and interface are synced, but after 5 seconds one of them switches from 48 to 44. Ive already tired going to to the MIDI setup app on my mac to manually change it but it wont let me.

Interesting. The sample rate of your project should always be the same as the sample rate of your audio device, and loading a project should automatically switch your audio device to that sample rate, if it supports it. Make sure that Logic is the only app running so that there's not another app trying to make your audio interface switch to another sample rate?

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